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Def Poetry

First off, if you generally dislike spoken word, hip-hop or even poetry in general For the record Def Poetry tends to veer towards rap and slam poetry and away from more traditional poetry, so some lovers of Wordsworth or Plath or frost wont want to make the trip.

Dating Myself

If you have seen the movie "slam" or heard Saul Williams or Sara Jones or lemon or any other slam poets or are interested in exposing yourself or others to this form of poetry you WILL be interested in checking out Def Poetry. As with all compilations, there are highs and lows, but overall most of the poets do have something to offer, whether it is profane humor, joie de vie, or something eloquent, touching or political. Each episode features young poets doing their thing as well as a singular "old school" representative.

My one complaint is that each of the older artists is presented reading or reciting in sepia tones My mom is an English teacher in a high school here in Canada and she is planning to use the first season selected parts to illustrate to her students how poetry can still be a relevant form There IS some foul language, but for the most part its absolutely nothing you haven't heard a million times esp if you listen to rap.

Its definitely nothing that will scare you away. If you keep in mind that the typical episode will have 2 performers you will really enjoy and 3 that you will not be so into, I think you will find it a welcome surprise.

We Are Men - Black Ice, Poetri and Shihan

Def poetry jam is something different, and of decent quality. At Broadway prices S. But post-intermission things benefit from a more coherent thematic program that starts off with individual reveries on the act of love — or the lack of opportunities to perform such. From there, potent pieces from Black Ice and Georgia Me weigh into the heavy terrain of domestic violence.

Serious-minded diatribes on economic disparity, corporate justice, gay-bashing and internalized misogyny follow, each sharply drawn. Sound design by Elton P.

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Halley is terrific, if, predictably, on the loud side. Opened, reviewed June 25, As nervous and terrified as I was, standing in front of a room full of strangers and seeing them clapping, I fell in love. It was tough crowds.

They let me know it, but they showed love, too, and kept pushing me forward. I left school sophomore year. I found myself getting depressed a lot and starting to deal with some of my father issues.

Def Poetry Jam On Broadway

I found myself very angry, feeling worthless. I just want to come in, do a poem and leave. My day job was telemarketing and driving a promotions truck for Coca-Cola.

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Ivy launched his current tour at the DuSable Museum on Jan. There was just a lot of pain I was feeling. I just want to see him.


I'm probably the only person to be on there who hasn't slammed. The New York Times. Trust poetri — but also services ask yourself. Facebook, dsf, at muslima. American fashion businesspeople Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. In a interview, Bob Holman , who founded the Nuyorican Poets Cafe 's poetry slam and appeared on Season 4 of the show, applauded Def Poetry , noting:. If you are looking for a fantastic, multi destination vacation opportunity, buy a WorldMark timeshare!