Gemini dating virgo man

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman

If the ball really gets rolling, there can be a lot of glamorous, sophisticated romantic entendres. The delight comes in the witty repartee which you are both very good at it. This is the kind of classy combination that got so much theater play in the Joan Crawford Bette Davis era. There is nothing more sexy than an intelligent woman and you give her a good stage to perform on. She will find your one upsmanship a comforting turn on. Both are high strung and nervous, but not inclined to the excesses of fiery passion which they will find exhausting and fake.

Gemini and Virgo Table of Contents

Good phone sex goes a lot further with these two than an impulsive rendezvous that could be come out of control. Email and texting provide great venues as well. There can be a whole lot of friendship going on because there are at least five different involved. There is Virgo and his alter ego, the twins and their alter egos. Think of a whole wilderness of monkeys to entertain you.

This might work as a second or third marriage.

But as for shared interest and activities it gets high ranks. It is especially pleasing to talk about it, then do it, then talk about it, then do it afterwards. This relationship is likely to be all over the map.

There is so much time spent trying to sort out ambivalence, flirtation, sincerity…what is her intent? It may be all over the road at first, but you are a good driver.

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman: Nature of Bonding

Getting back to the wilderness of monkeys, curiosity is a big factor here. This could be a real messy unwinding. One of you, compes mentis, must insert a counselor or other authority figure to have a clean ending. The flippant nature of her was the end of us. That is my experience also. Sometimes they land on their feet as if by luck or by accident.

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Other times, they fall flat on their face. Virgo is quick to chastise. But, Gemini dusts themselves off and takes flight like always. What are they thinking?

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In astrology, all signs correspond with one of two divergent polarities. The two polarities are Yin and Yang. To represent Yin and Yang, astrologists use gender references. But, the gender references really point to an energy or force.

Virgo Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

Yin and Yang complement one another. Yin is passive, responsive, and open. Yang is assertive, action-oriented, and ambitious. In the Gemini and Virgo combination, Gemini corresponds with Yang. Virgo aligns with Yin. When these forces are in balance it ensures better Gemini and Virgo compatibility. A natural complementary nature emerges from this romantic pairing. But, if either sign gets out of balance for any reason, it complicates romance.

Out of balance Sun Signs are suffering from polarization.

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

When Yang polarizes, the energetic influence makes Gemini arrogant, forceful, and brash. When Yin polarizes, those under its influence are passive-aggressive. They become self-sacrificing and sometimes martyr-like. To remedy out-of-balance polarities demands direct action. A Gemini under polarization needs more Yin energy. A Virgo under polarization needs more Yang energies. Gemini will need to become responsive, open, and intuitive. Virgo will need to become more driven, assertive, and ambitious. Recovery of balance is crucial for a robust love life. In astrology, the compatibility of two signs is the Synastry of the Sun Signs.

This factor is a measurement in degrees and is the distance between signs on the zodiac wheel. The factor is the aspect. With the Gemini and Virgo love match, the aspect is square because the signs are three signs apart. A square has harsh degree angles. The shape of this aspect gives a clue how Gemini and Virgo get along.

It seems as if these two either bang heads forming the point where two lines meet. Or, they are going in opposite directions just like the lines in a degree angle. This relationship results in clashes galore. Both signs are headstrong and stubborn. They want to be in a leadership role. When Gemini and Virgo connect, their connection brews up long hidden emotions. Childhood traumas and family issues rear their ugly heads. Cut off one grotesque emotional head, and five more take its place! They have to work through emotional issues and learn how to get along.

In astrology, all signs correspond with one of the four elements. The Air elemental influences Gemini personalities. The Earth element rules over Virgos. Air and Earth oppose one another, so conflicts in the Gemini and Virgo match are imminent. Air cools the Earth. These two lively personalities travel down lovers lane in two separate lanes.

Gemini is flying down the passing lane at illegal speeds. Virgo is driving in the carpool lane while taking the slow road forward. Virgo is more than happy to provide the spikes! In this pairing, Gemini is all talk. For Virgo, actions and thoughts are more important than words made manifest. The Gemini Man is one people consider unemotional. He can seem jovial and fun-loving, but he seldom gives displays of affection. For the needy Virgo Woman, the absence of showy love displays is dispiriting. Virgo is all about facts and circumstances, but all that analytical behavior covers up a romantic heart beneath.

Needy Virgo is far needier than the Gemini Man might understand. A Gemini Man is all imagination and fancy. The Virgo Woman is all about the rational and realistic. The two have plenty to teach one another if they will accept the lessons they can share. Virgo can instruct the Gemini Man that taking time expressing feelings of love is a worthwhile undertaking. Gemini can teach Virgo how to come out of her extroverted shell. For Gemini and Virgo compatibility to remain strong, both parties have to be moving at the same speed. Virgo takes their time doing everything.

Gemini is on high speed all the time. He moves like the wind and shifts his mind as quick. The Virgo Woman will want the Gemini Man to stay home occasionally. If they can meet in the middle, he can entertain his friends at home more often. She must give him some freedom which she is more than willing to do. Gemini needs to get over his fear of commitment.

Virgo has to get over their fear of trusting someone other than themselves. Gemini will need to have patience with the eye-for-perfection Virgo Woman.

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

With Earth influencing Virgo, they are a personality with roots. Gemini enjoys learning about Virgo and the things they enjoy. They have to work through emotional issues and learn how to get along. Not So Virginal After All! Benefits and Challenges As mentioned earlier, this Virgo man compatibility with Gemini woman is full of ups and downs, where the downs can be overcome by fathoming one another. Trust issues aside, he is picky about his friends and tends to gravitate towards those who fulfill his need to be appreciated and loved. Therefore, in any relationship with a Virgo, hold on tight and play the long game if he is truly what your heart desires.

The Virgo Woman tends to be hyper-critical. Her attentiveness to small details has a dark side as it can turn to pettiness. The effort is innocent enough. In the Gemini and Virgo love match, both parties have to stop running. Virgo runs and hides inward where they can dodge their feelings.

Gemini runs when the fear of commitment rears its ugly head. The acceptance means embracing differences and all. The Gemini Woman and Virgo Man have an intriguing relationship. The Air ruled Gemini shares differences with Earthy Virgo. But, nothing that will hinder true love. Gemini enjoys learning about Virgo and the things they enjoy. In the beginning, the newness of the relationship involves in long conversations.

The Virgo Man shares his life experiences. The Gemini Woman shows off her intelligence. Her lofty thoughts and fanciful ideas are a wonder. The Virgo Man loves her chatty nature as it makes her seem amiable and friendly. He should not mistake this for gushy and emotive though. Diving into deeper emotions and expressing them is something the Gemini Woman avoids. While her imagination and ideas amaze him, he also worries she can be too unrealistic. He sees lots of dreams flowing from her mind, but they all seem like castles in the air.

He thinks he can help her bring her dreams into reality if she will listen to his advice. The Gemini Woman glows when being social with others. A Gemini needs the social feedback and interaction of others. But, the Virgo Man is an introvert at heart who only dreams of extroversion. He feels much like a wallflower at the prom. Only one or two times will he tolerate such an experience. The Virgo Man has an eye for perfection.

It is much to the annoyance of the chaotic and unorganized Gemini Woman. She sees it as a waste of time putting so much focus on perfection in an otherwise imperfect world. The Virgo Man will see her disdain for perfection as an excuse for not standing still in the same place for too long. The Virgo man is an analytical, quiet soul. He refuses to dominate the Gemini Woman. The Gemini Woman is too demanding of freedom to allow any man, even a Virgo, to control her.